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Short Study 2

Elements and Principles of Art Intermediate Digital Imaging Short Study 2: Due: 2/9 This exercise is an exploration of different formal elements and compositional principles.  For each of the elements and principles in the list below, shoot at least 3 images that demonstrate that element.  This will give you a total of at least 42 […]

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Readings for Week 2 & 3

Practices of Looking, Chapter 1 Practices of Looking, Chapter 2   Please be prepared to discuss these readings.

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Spring 2012

Welcome to Intermediate Digital Imaging! Our first class will be on Thursday – Monday’s class meeting is cancelled.  For Thursday, create a Flickr account and post three of your best images of previous work.  Email me your Flickr ID so that I can invite you to the Flickr group for our class. Looking forward to […]

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