Short Study 2

Elements and Principles of Art

Intermediate Digital Imaging Short Study 2:

Due: 2/9

This exercise is an exploration of different formal elements and compositional principles.  For each of the elements and principles in the list below, shoot at least 3 images that demonstrate that element.  This will give you a total of at least 42 images.  Any image will, of course, contain many of these elements: categorize each image based on what the strongest element is.

You can construct scenarios to shoot if you want.

Use different subjects, and different times.  Get in the habit of carrying your camera with you at all times.

Take lots of pictures of people, places, plants, animals, things, textures, anything you see.  You can always go back and delete the ones you don’t like.

Experiment with different points of view or perspectives, different ways of framing the image, and different shutter and aperture settings.

Upload your images to an image hosting site, such as Flickr or Picassa, or to your own website or blog. Please email me a link to your images.

List of formal elements and compositional principles:

1.     Line

2.     Shape

3.     Form

4.     Color

5.     Space

6.     Texture

7.     Value

8.     Movement

9.     Symmetrical Balance

10.   Asymmetrical Balance

11.   Proportion

12.   Rhythm

13.   Emphasis

14.   Unity

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