David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge

Part 1/8

Part 2/8

Part 3/8

Part 4/8

Part 5/8 (blocked)

Part 6/8



Part 7/8

Part 8/8

Also here is are links to James Elkins take on Secret Knowledge.   On the 2001 Hockney Conference.   Optics, Skill and the Fear of Death and More General Questions.

Showing this video because it contains some excellent examples of the camera obscura.  There has been some controversy about Hockney’s theory, but what’s interesting is not necessarily whether it’s correct or not but what the discussion says about the power of images and our relationship to image-making and image-making technologies throughout history.  It also shows the power that the camera has to cause us to want recontextualize previous images through our understanding of camera technology.


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