Project 2: Recontextualization

Due 3/26

Your “Recontextualization” project is to create three digital collages. In collage, images are removed from their original context and combined to invent a new context.

In recontextualizing and combining your imagery, you will use three strategies, one for each of your three final collages: (1) subversive rupture, (collage about social/political subject matter Marther Rosler/ dada/ Hannah Hoch) (2) playful artfice, (seamless collage, Max Ernst/photomontage/Jerry Uelsmann) and (3) surreal juxtaposition (pulling images from different realms together/ John Stezaker).

Step 1:

Shoot  images that you would like to use as source imagery to combine in collage with other images. For example:

You could shoot different figures to place into different grounds;

Or you could shoot different grounds into which you would like to insert different figures;

Or you could shoot textures which you would like to apply to objects in your imagery;

Or you could shoot small objects you would like to combine into a compound object.

Feel free to go wild, and don’t limit yourself to just these ideas!

Step 2:

Using your source imagery, and any additional images you shoot, begin to create three collage compositions, one each strategy

First, determine the concept for each composition;

Next, use selections to isolate portions of your source imagery;

Then, begin to lay these elements into your composition.

Remember to use non-destructive editing techniques!

Step 3:

Complete your collages. Print each collage in color on the lab printer or if we are able to on the large format Epson printer.

Remember that printing takes time – don’t leave this until the last minute!

Along with your collages, you must submit a short statement for each piece. Write down the intent of your piece. Explain how you are using your formal strategy (pattern and repetition, juxtaposition, or texture) to support the idea behind your collage. Your statements should be 250 words each. Turn them in printed in hard copy form, double-spaced, and using 12-point type.

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