Final Project


DUE: In-class critique, last day of classes


Your final project is an image series with a self-directed theme.  Pick a subject to explore – it can something tangible, like people or places, or something intangible, like ideas or emotions.  Whatever your subject, it should be something which you can explore in multiple ways to create a series of images.  Create a series of 3 to 5 digital prints exploring this subject, using whichever techniques you prefer – digital photography, collage, illustration, process, or combinations of them.

Project proposal and research

Due:  Monday, April 16: Write a 1-page proposal describing the subject material for your project, your particular interest in the subject, the techniques you plan to use, and why.

Begin with a sentence or two describing your concept.  Then explain how your work will explore the concept. You can talk about your motivation and what kind of questions you hope your work will raise.  Also think about how the techniques you plan to use will help communicate your ideas.

Choose 3 artists (any medium) who relate to your project.  Describe their work, how it relates to your subject matter, and what you find inspiring about their artwork.

If you would like to use the Epson printer please state so in your proposal.

Final Project and Critique


Print each of your images and bring the series to class for critique on the last day of classes.   Work must be complete, printed before the crit, and up on the critique board at the beginning of class. Unfinished or unprepared work will have points taken off.   Project grades will also include your participation in the critique process, both for your own work and for your peers.

Unusual formats are allowed, and even encouraged (book, site-specific installation, custom-printed T-shirts, etc).

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